Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Sick and pregnant

There is only one thing worse than being sick (or pregnant) and that is being sick AND pregnant at the same time. I just got back from vacation and then had two days of photoshoot for work. And basically, my body crapped out on me. I'm freezing all the time and last night I was so severely congested and couldnt breathe out of either nostril so I had to breathe out of my mouth while sleeping. Now, I don't know how anyone could breathe out of the mouth for so long. Don't their lungs get tired? (Not to mention the beyond morning breath stench that oozes out of the mouth. Gross.) I woke up with bad chest pains so I stayed home from work. I would be crazy to try and make it into work today.

I googled some remedies for colds while pregnant and there really isn't much out there. All I kept thinking last night was how sweet it would to shove a bottle of Afrin right up my nose for one tiny spritz so it could clear the passageway. Gosh, I sound like a drug addict. Actually, Dave is pretty convinced that I am addicted to this stuff. What I would do for one spritz...

It's so crazy to me that the person carrying the baby can be sick as a dog or vomiting five times a day, yet the fetus inside is still fine. I guess that is why they call it the miracle of life...

By the way, I was totally sold out by a three-year-old. O said to me in front of one of my coworkers "Eemo, you have baby in your tummy, right?!" OMG. I tried to play it off but I don't think it really worked. Grrreeeaaaaattttt..... Doesn't she know how to keep a secret??!

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