Monday, August 15, 2011

Male vs. Female OB/GYN

My search for an OB/GYN has been pretty slow. I've looked into more than a dozen doctors but either they're located too far away or their office hours suck. And the recommendations I keep getting are for male doctors. I'm sure guys docs are more than capable of delivering a baby and sympathizing with a pregnant woman's hormonal madness, but my initial preference was to go to a girl doc. I think Dave would be more comfortable with that too. One of the doctors that was recommended to me is this Korean male OB who is an elder at some church. Uh, that would make me feel like my father-in-law is delivering me or something. WEIRD. Well, I guess I need to shake off my awkwardness since I was able to book an appointment with him for next Friday. Awesomeness. Plus, he opens late on Fridays and has office hours on Saturday, which is atypical of OBs. So I'm going to give him a shot. But as soon as the weirdness reaches a certain level, I may have to back out. Those office visits are no joke. Talk about invasive procedures (sticking his hands up my you-know-what). My running joke with Dave is that as long as the doctor doesn't have enormous hands, I should be fine.

This past weekend, we broke the news to the Wellders and some other people. I am glad I ended up telling them. Esther was definitely the most surprised. I think she was more shocked than I was at first. Ha. I think no matter what happens, it's so important to have your community there for you.

By the way, I have my mom calling every day to see if I drank my two glasses of milk and to inquire about out what I ate for lunch (God forbid I feed my baby fast food or Lean Cusine). She won't even take me to eat jjajangmyun cause she says there is no real nutritional value in noodles. I thought pregnant women were allowed to eat whatever they want and give in to their cravings. Dude, I am craving all sorts of Korean food... Kimchijjigae, mandoogook, dwenjangjjigae, ddukbokki.... Sigh. I should go eat a banana or something.

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