Friday, August 12, 2011

I had no idea...

(old wives tale = fruit dreams mean baby girl)

For some reason, I always thought I would know when I became pregnant. Not that I am so in tune with my body or anything, but I felt like I would at least have some sort of idea. I blame it on my non-symptoms, as I would call it. No morning sickness, cravings, food aversions or anything. I feel like I should be hugging the toilet bowl and gagging. Maybe then I would feel more pregnant... I've been feeling really dizzy for a while but had no idea that it was due to pregnancy. Thought I was going to fall over and collapse the other day from the room spinning. I suppose I should be thankful for the mild side effects. I asked my mom today how her pregnancy was and she said she wasn't nauseous or throwing up. I guess we will see about that. By next week I could be projectile vomiting all over the toilet bowl.

My mom said she had a dream that she was eating lots and lots of fruit, which she translates as me having a girl. We had dinner with the Zangs today and Nancy is really hoping I have a girl too. I guess it would be nice to have a daughter first but then I keep thinking of my dad who is probably kneeling on the corner of his bed begging God to grant him a grandson. Oy. I feel like I need to redeem my dad of his inability to produce a boy. But then again, there is still hope in my sister.

Sabrina and I went to some stores today during lunch to look at maternity wear. Gosh, I am so not looking forward to that. I'm seriously going to wear the same uniform every day: stretchy tank, leggings, cardigan and boots. It will be winter when I start to get huge so I think it will be acceptable office wear. I don't know how some pregnant woman manage to look so put together and nice all the time. I've already made up my mind that I will just be a fat bum.

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