Thursday, August 11, 2011

"Welcome to poverty"

As it turns out, Dr. Lisa Ann Miller stopped practicing OB a few years ago. She is now just a regular GYN and reproductive surgeon. What.the.flip. So Dave, Eunice and I went to her today thinking we'd hear a baby's heart beat, but all I got was a pap smear (OUCH!) and some bloodwork done. Oh, at least she DID confirm that I was pregnant. Actually, the nurse confirmed it for us and congratulated us with these exact words: "Welcome to poverty." Wow, did she really say that to us? Are people that insensitive and rude? I guess so. At least we don't have to go back there since the doctor is no use for me (unless one day I'm considering a reconstructive vaginal makeover) so that's that.

I'm so confused about my due date since you're supposed to calculate the first day of your last period but since my cycle is longer than 28 days, I don't know if I'm supposed to add a week or something. That means my due date can be anywhere from April 2nd to 11th. Either way, right near my birthday. Yep. Had I known this year would be my last birthday celebration ever, I would have gone all out with a bang...

I told Bori today that I was expecting and she looked so shocked I swear her eyeballs were going to pop out of her socket right into her salad. I was trying to think of a clever way to tell her, but in the midst of our conversation, she kept asking if Dave and I were going to have kids. So I whipped out the pregnancy stick photo on my phone and showed her. Kind of anti-climactic but oh well. She freaked out for a good five minutes. Pretty much the reaction I was expecting out of her...

Speaking of reactions, we completely threw all caution out the window and told all four of our parents today--individually. My mom didn't sound shocked at all. Just pleasantly surprised. I'm sure she's thinking "How the heck did she get pregnant?" since she's certain that Dave and I never see each other with our clothes off. (Sure, whatever floats her boat.) Dave's mom AKA mother-in-law was really sweet. If anything, she sounded even happier than my own mom. Ha. My dad completely stammered for a bit and then blurted out some comment about me having to be healthy and eat well, take care of my body, etc. Likewise, Dave's dad AKA father-in-law expressed the same sentiments. I must take care of my body. Okay, thanks, dads. Duly noted.

Too bad I really wasn't taking care of my body last month. I was shoving sushi into my mouth every other day (I'm about to cry thinking about 9 months without it) and doing things like P90X yoga and practically hospitalizing myself. Well, I certainly won't be doing that anymore. I could understand why pregnant woman just want to sit around at home and watch TV and eat junk food and get fat.... cause you're tired as HECK. Dave (God bless his soul) asked me today why I'm sooo tired since I'm only in the first trimester and I'm hardly showing (well, I have a slight bulge that just looks like ddong bbeh I never got to work off). Umm. excuse me. My body's preparing to grow a freaking placenta in my stomach on top of a living human being and exerting all its energy into that baby developing factory. Duh, I'm tired. I'm going to let him make it up to me by giving me a foot massage.

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