Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Yesterday was our two year anniversary. Dave took me out to Union Square Cafe, where we enjoyed some really good food and talked about how great life is, etc. He had plans to take me to some macaroon cafe afterwards, but I requested to cut the night short since I was feeling tired (as usual) and wanted to go get some rest.

Little did he know that I had a plan of my own. I found out yesterday in the morning that I was PREGNANT! I took four tests (from two different companies) to confirm the results. Trust me, the lines don't lie. I was trying to figure out all day how I would break it to him. I contemplated waiting a few days so that we could enjoy the night in peace, but I was so anxious and acting "strange" according to him, that he could probably tell that something was up.

So we came home and I gave him a card for our two year anniversary and told him that his gift was inside. I recorded him reading the card (my sister asked me to take a video of his reaction) and caught it on camera--the sheer confusion, fear, shock, and joy (which followed later) of it all. Can't believe we're going to be parents! Our third year is going to be so crazy!!

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  1. I'm totally going to do that to Dave next time. My dave that is...not your dave. hahaha When I told Dave the first time he thought I was calling his private parts a "peanut" so he got mad at me!! duh!!!