Monday, October 31, 2011

"Mean Mommy"

I start 18 weeks this week, but I won’t forget about how hormonally imbalanced I was during week 17. Holy cowsers. My hormones were out.of.control. I’ve never been so angry and upset before about anything and everything. And poor Dave of course had to experience the crazy psycho pregnant me for the past week (it’s okay we made up). Seriously, everything would bother me. Silly things would make me sad. And I couldn’t control my emotions at all. Mike Yi once said you could tell if a pregnant woman is having a girl or boy by how hormonal she gets during pregnancy. Meaning that if she’s carrying a boy, he’s producing testosterone so she’s more inclined to be crazy. (Not sure how accurate this is but according to his observation, women like Jeannie got “softer” during pregnancy. And guess what? She had two girls.)

So anyway, I was reading the What to Expect book that’s on my kitchen counter and I like to go through it every week just so I know what’s going on with the little guy (or girl) inside. The book mentioned that the baby has developed facial muscles and could actually make different facial expressions now. Great. So for the past few days, I keep imagining that while the baby was hearing his crazy mom screaming, he/she would make these painful grimaces with his face or frown cause all he hears is LOUD noises coming from up there. (Then I picture the baby shaking its fist going “Mean Mommy!”) 0_0

Sometimes I forget that there's a living being inside of me that could hear everything. Yikes. Maybe I should learn to tone it down a bit. Sorry, baby....

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