Thursday, October 6, 2011

No hiding it now

I was on my way to the bathroom when my Korean unnie coworker stopped me and blurted out "Are you pregnant?!" so loud that I'm sure the magazine staff on the other side of the office heard. So I guess there's no hiding it now, eh? And leave it to the Korean to be the big mouth. Ha.

I crammed my budding belly into my jeans once again (somehow) but this time also folded up a tissue and inserted right in front where the metal button touches my belly so there would be some room in between. Dave thinks I'm squishing our baby and he keeps saying I'm going to decapitate him/her. 0_0

Surprisingly, my appetite has slowed down a bit and I think I even lost weight (stepped on scale this morning and it read 97.0 lbs). I guess that's good news. Ha. (Not that I should be dieting during pregnancy!) My skin is also clearing up a bit which is great since I'm looking less like an hormonally acneic teenager.

I think the key is to eat everything in moderation, which is hard when you feel like your baby is eating your stomach lining. I started a food journal around my 8th week to make sure I'm not going (way) overboard during mealtime. If on one day I had lots of non-nutritious fast food, the next day I'll try to eat a Subway sandwich or something to balance it all out. I think it's helping so far, although sometimes I'm embarassed to log in everything I consumed in one day. (You'd think I was Michael Phelps training for a freaking Olympic competition.)

And if anything, I always have Dave to keep me in check. Here's a recent convo we had the other day:

Dave: Hey honey, you know what I'm going to get you after you give birth? *insert sweet smile
Me (Excited preggers): Ooh, what??? :D
Dave: A GYM Membership!!!!!
Me: -_______-

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