Saturday, October 1, 2011

Our little Elmer Fudd

(our sweet pea doing a fist pump and sticking out his/her tongue)

Since Dave couldn't get out of work to take me to go get the nuchal translucency screening, Esther graciously offered to take me instead. I thought I would be in and out of that place but the whole procedure lasted a longer than I expected.

The ultrasound guy was really nice and patient as I asked him a gazillion questions (as any neurotic new mom would). And oh by the way, the jelly thing they put all over my belly was really warm, not cold, as usually seen on TV. Once he put the thingy on my stomach, it was show time. I was pretty surprised to find out just how low the baby is. This entire time I thought the baby was right below my belly button, but little did I know ithat my baby is actually right by the pubic bone (seriously, I think Esther accidentally got a peep show). I can't believe it's all the way down there. My gosh, what if I poop it out by mistake?!

I had a much clearer view of the baby this time around and since the ultrasound lasted like thirty minutes, I was able to see the baby take a nap, wake up and do somersaults, put its hands to its mouth and more. It is incredible to see this mini human being (only three inches long so far) so developed and active. I was so curious and anxious to see if he could tell if it was a boy or a girl but even when we saw the baby's butt and legs spread apart, there wasn't much to see. I'm hoping my next appt at Dr. Amerson's office at 15/16 weeks will be a little more successful in terms of gender prediction. But seeing as though the baby looks sort of like Dave (or so I think) it has gotta be a boy...

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