Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The "Golden" Trimester

I'm finally here at 14 weeks. Woah, that was so fast. They say you have more energy during the second trimester and that statement could not be truer for me. Starting yesterday I could actually get out of bed, clean the house, take an hour walk during lunch and not feel incredibly pooped. I still can't really work out since I'm so dizzy all the time, but at least I can get my butt off the couch (finally) to do some chores like a normal person.

I announced the pregnancy on Facebook today since we're in the "safe" zone now. I didn't realize that Dave's mom didn't tell ANY of the relatives yet, so Dave's cousins had to find out through Facebook. EEk. Sorry, guys! (Felt kind of bad about that one.) I think so many people were expecting it, that I'm sure it didn't really come as a surprise to most of our friends. In fact, ever since we got married we were hit with the question "When are you guys going to have a mini Dave or Irene?!?!" It seems natural I suppose for us to have kids since I'm such a "baby lover" and I always steal other babies away from their moms :P But to have our own baby is so strange and special. I'm hoping the second trimester will fly by with all the holidays and what not coming up. Wow, we just made a birth announcement in a public forum. This is really happening.

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