Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Don't breathe

(I need to get me one of these SARS masks)

I'm wearing normal jeans right now for what might be the last time ever. How I managed to get this zipped and buttoned up is quite a mystery to me since at any moment the button is about to pop right off and expose my pregnant gut. Solution? Don't breathe. All day.

Anyway, while taking a shower this morning I almost blacked out. Everything turned gray and fuzzy and I was about to fall over. So I quickly headed out and just laid on my bed for about fifteen minutes until I felt better. My biggest fear is feeling this kind of light-headedness while waiting for the subway or something. Can you imagine... omg. My second biggest fear is puking on the person in front of me while taking the bus... which almost happened today. I should start carrying doggy bags back and forth.

You know what else I should start carrying around? SARS masks. Why are there so many smokers in NYC? I'm literally holding my breath everywhere I go so I don't give my poor baby second degree smoke inhalation. Or what if I just went Muslim for 9 months and wore the headpiece. I can't breathe while walking around in the city. It's almost become stressful!

Totally off topic but Bori said she had a dream that was stomach was translucent (freaky much?) and she was able to see the baby which "looked like an actual baby with a head and arms and legs." (Thanks for the confirmation. It was pretty reassuring.) She also mentioned that it was a boy and looked JUST like Dave "but with bigger eyes." But babies' eyes are closed in the womb until they're born... so how could she tell his eyes were bigger? Hmm...

I've got a "pregnant soul sista" as she calls me and we're due one day apart! Her baby is actually due on my birthday! I can't reveal who it is but I'm sure her news will be announced soon. Speaking of, I'm just thinking of blasting it on Facebook when I officially start my second trimester about two weeks from now. I just don't want people wondering why I'm getting so fat all of a sudden. Is that really vain?

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