Monday, September 26, 2011

Back to normal.... Almost

So the vertigo is mostly gone. I can sleep pretty peacefully with no spinning. Yay! but I have dizziness all throughout the day. I'm constantly feeling light-headed, as if I'm riding a roller coaster. Seriously, pregnancy is one heck of a roller coaster ride.

My lower back is also starting to ache. While walking back home tonight I had to hold onto my lower back for support or else I felt like it would just come apart. Dave says it's cause the hormone Relaxin Is releasing throughout my body, causing all my ligaments and everything to become looser (to prepare for child birth). When I sneeze, I swear I'm going to throw out my back. (Oh, that brings back freshman year memories.)

The annoying thing for me might be my nasal congestion. Ever since we got a humidifier, it's been better, but I still wake up with hard, dried up bloody boogers in my nose every morning. I'm tempted to pick it, so I do, and I think it ends up scabbing and then turning into a brand new set of bloody dried up boogers. Ugh. I need to get one of those netty pot (?) things.

At least I don't have those painful sharp pains in my right boob anymore. Felt like someone was stabbing me with a fork. Actually, when I touch it though it feels rock hard like a clot. Errr... A milk clot? I don't understand why the body starts prepping so early for the baby. Couldn't the milk just all come in the last two weeks when it's about to be consumed? It's just extra weight that's being carried around. Oy.

Stony said that hormones peak during week 11 and 12 (I am 12 weeks and 1 day right now). And boy, am I hormonal as ever. I think this little scenario might give you an idea.

Dave: I brought you an everything bagel honey.
Me (pregnant psycho): WHAT?! I HHHHAAAAATTTEEEE everything bagels!!!!!!!!!!!! You don't KNOW that?!!!!!! I want WHOLE WHEAT BAGEL WITH VEGGIE CREAM CHEESE. OK!!?? (huffing and puffing)
Dave: O_o

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