Tuesday, November 29, 2011

22 Week Stats

Baby Kwon started kicking around 19 weeks and I felt the kicks very clearly. But now when I don't feel it move for a while I start to get all paranoid and try to stimulate it by singing lullabies (or drinking some OJ). Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. Sometimes it's probably just like "Can I get some peace and quiet down here?!"

My belly just recently "popped" and it's very noticeable that I'm preggers now. I guess it's time to run over to Forever 21 to buy a bigger pair of $7.50 jeggings. So cheap! :D My belly button is making a slow disappearing act on my stomach and I assume that it will soon become an "outie." Dave laughs every time I show him my belly button cause it just looks so ridiculous. And I can't stick my finger in it anymore.

I gained about 13 pounds so far, which brings me up to 107 pounds!! My OB said she estimates I will gain about another 20 lbs by the end of my pregnancy. Holy cow. That means I will be 30-35 pounds bigger than what I started off at. Joo-yuh...

My hair is still falling out, which I don't get. Everyone said I should have really nice thick hair which doesn't fall out no matter what. Actually, I read somewhere that you're growing a surplus of hair right now that will shed some time later after you give birth (I hear you lose a LOT of hair). That makes me really worried cause if I'm losing hair now when I'm not supposed to be, I will probably be bald after the baby comes. I should start looking into wigs right now, sigh. Anyone want to donate their hair to me?

Some people have pointed out that my chest area is getting bigger (no less at church!). Yes, thanks for noticing AND pointing it out. Hahah.

Baby is turning into a little chub-a-lub inside. In fact, the doctor weighed it in at 12 ounces at 20 weeks although the books all say it should be around 10 ounces. I bet it's over a pound now. Errr... I hope this doesn't mean I'm going to be delivering a 10-pounder O_O

The 20 week anatomy scan was sooo super cool. The technician was able to find all the organs and show us on screen, even the tiniest ones like its kidneys! (except of course the genitals cause we wanted to keep it a surprise!). Dave asked him if the brain seemed to look a little small. Umm... why are you so worried Dave? Don't worry, I think you're smart. S-M-R-T.

Can't believe Thanksgiving has already come and gone. Splitting time between two families was pretty hectic this year. But it was satisfying for Baby Kwon since I fed it an insane amount of food (hence why my stomach popped overnight). It should technically be more chaotic next year when the baby comes but I've already decided that we're going to escape to Georgia so we can avoid the family craziness up here! :P

Dudes, I'm sooo ready for Christmas.... and the gender reveal!


  1. Stop sticking your finger in your belly button, its weird.... hahahah!

  2. not to mention stinky.

    hahah it's all so exciting!